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After oh, oh so long I've decided to resurrect my old Wargear site. It hadn't survived a server move about five years ago, and at this point the CMS it was running on is way too old to be worth trying to stand up. So, here we are with a new one! I think this site has survived something like three previous CMS systems.

5/21/20 - HTTPS has arrived thanks to letsencrypt, also purtied up the place a bit and moved the Hobbiton article into field trips where it belongs...

5/18/20 - Added material from my old GURPS fantasy campaign - dwarves and humans slowly arising after a cataclysmic war with those nasty elves - and facing new threats. Includes background info, characters, plot and session ideas.

5/15/20 - Added a new field trip - York - check out those awesome medieval buildings and walls.

5/13/20 - Added a new science fiction gallery

5/12/20 - Added pictures from the Army museum in Paris - lots of arms and armor! Also added a new old post on my first Origins trip - great pics.

Recently Added:

  • Fantasy Campaign - Plot - For my fantasy campaign, I had many little plot ideas and encounters - here's a few of them.
  • Fantasy Campaign - The background of this campaign is one of a fallen elven empire, with dwarves and humans setting up shop in the ruins alongside many other races. Lots of material here from a campaign that never got off the ground for various reasons.
  • York - City Walls and Towers - York (in the UK) is one of the few remaining cities that still has the full circuit of city walls. I visited in 2016, and got great pictures of walls, castles, towers and more.
  • Gallery: Science Fiction - A gallery of sci-fi miniatures I've painted over the years
  • Paris Army Museum - Back in 2016 I got to spend a day at the Musée de l'Armée in Paris and got some great pictures of arms and armor from medieval through WW2.
  • Pictures from Origins - 2004 - Pictures from my first trip to the Origins gaming conference in Ohio