RPG Resources


I have played a lot of different systems over the years, and run quite a few campaigns. Some of my favorite systems are GURPs, ShadowRun and Cyberpunk 2020 - but it's more about the GM and players in my experience.

In This Section:

  • Fantasy Campaign - Plot - For my fantasy campaign, I had many little plot ideas and encounters - here's a few of them.
  • Fantasy Campaign - The background of this campaign is one of a fallen elven empire, with dwarves and humans setting up shop in the ruins alongside many other races. Lots of material here from a campaign that never got off the ground for various reasons.
  • AD&D 4th Edition - my (Lame) review - I've played quite a bit of 4th edition, here's my thoughts
  • GURPS Sample Encounter - Getting myself aquainted with GURPs 4th ed. via a small encounter
  • Alien Invasion Campaign - Notes from an alien invasion campaign
  • GURPs Character - William Perry - One of my old GURPs characters - a slightly nutty technical expert, meant for a modern day style campaign
  • Genre Twists in RPGs - Give your players a shock and throw a "genre twist" into your campaign!
  • GURPS ShadowRun - A collection of materials for an RPG running under GURPs, but using material from both Shadowrun and Cyberpunk 2020